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Naming Conventions

In order to make it easier for home owners to find documents, follow this naming convention:

Descriptive Name YYYY-MM-DD.ext

Descriptive Name should describe the contents of the documents, i.e. Master Budget.
YYYY-MM-DD is the 4 digit year-2 digit month-2 digit day.  Month and Day are optional.
.ext is the doc type, i.e. .pdf.

    Master Budget 2021.pdf
    Sub J Surveilence Committee Minutes 2020-02-15.pdf
    Capital Projects Summary 2021.pdf
    Waterways Report 2020-10.pdf

It is best if files are uploaded in PDF format so that they are read-only and so that most browsers can open them without downloading to the users computers.

This also prevents files being over-written when moving documents from the active folders to the Historical Archive folder. Everything in the Historical Archives is readable by all homeowners.

Note:  Some documents are required by Mexican law to be saved for 10 years.  Anything saved past 10 years for other reasons is in the Prehistoric folder.