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The Administrators Rules are supplemental to the Loreto Bay Master Condominium Rules and Regulations and Owners and other persons doing business in Loreto Bay are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all such rules, including these Administrators Rules, which must be administered in compliance with all Mexican laws.

The following Administrators Rules are issued to ensure that the tranquility of Loreto Bay is preserved, while at the same time ensuring that new construction and renovation continue with minimal disruption to Loreto Bay residents and that appropriate population density is maintained, so that existing infrastructure is not placed under unreasonable strain.

These Rules have not been established capriciously. Each Rule has been considered in light of:

  • safety concerns,
  • consideration for all members of the community,
  • fairness,
  • reasonableness, and
  • enforceability.

The philosophy of self-discipline has been incorporated into these Administrators Rules to encourage everyone’s cooperative behaviour. It is expected that each Owner and Occupant will observe these rules on the basis of “being a good neighbour”.

Fines, fees, and other sanctions may be imposed for violations of these Administrators Rules, the Master Rules, or the Law.

The definitions of many terms used in these Administrators Rules may be found in the Loreto Bay Master Condominium Rules and Regulations.