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1. Household Goods Guidelines

Move In/Out Notification and Guidelines

Owners and Occupants must give the Managing Agent at least one week’s notice, of a significant move in or out of household goods that would affect traffic flow, parking, or the use of common areas, unless circumstances make that impossible, in which case notice must be given as soon as possible.

Moves are restricted to Monday through Saturday and between 8 AM and 6 PM.

The Managing Agent must advise Owners and Occupants of any restrictions or special requirements regarding any move. Owners and Occupants must supervise and are responsible for their movers. Owners must pay the HOA for any damage to Common Areas resulting from moves. Owners are solely responsible for obtaining reimbursement from Occupants, guest, tenants, or others who cause damages.

Only electric vehicles and hand carts are permitted within the Common Areas to facilitate moves.

Owners and Occupants must remove trash and packing materials following a move without placing excess trash in the common receptacles, unless advance arrangements for a special pickup have been made with the Managing Agent.