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8. Vehicles and Parking

Electric vehicles are the only power driven vehicles allowed on the walkways within the Common Areas. Operators must be fourteen (14) years of age or older.

Electric powered vehicles and all other vehicles, such as bicycles, scooters, and other vehicles, must be sized and operated so as to cause no damage to the landscaping, other property, or interfere with other traffic. All occupants of vehicles with seats must be seated at all times, and all vehicles must be operated safely at all times.

Employees and workers, as well as Owners, must park their vehicles at points within the walkways where their presence will not restrict the use of the walkway by other persons or vehicles.

The Managing Agent or Area Supervision personnel may immediately remove vehicles from Common Areas that are improperly parked, parked in a manner that is dangerous, or that restricts the access of emergency equipment. The Owner of the vehicle is responsible for any cost associated with removal and storage of their vehicle, as well as any damage to the Common Areas resulting from improper parking or operation of their vehicle. The Managing Agent may request the City of Loreto to tow any vehicles that are parked in violation of local or federal law on the public streets or on FONATUR or city of Loreto property.

Vehicle repair is not permitted upon any Common Area within Loreto Bay.

Vehicle operators who damage walkways or landscaping within the Common Areas may be fined and must pay for the cost of repairing the damage.

Powered vehicles which are not electric, such as gas or diesel powered vehicles may not be operated within the Common Areas of Loreto Bay, unless the Managing Agent approves specific designated parking areas and passes for non-electric vehicles. If the Managing Agent does approve such designated parking areas and passes, the Managing Agent must specify approved routes and methods of access, such as pushing gas powered motorcycles. Operators of such non-electric powered vehicles must comply with any limitations on access routes and methods established by the Managing Agent or forfeit the privilege of using such designated parking areas.

All powered vehicles driven or parked on Common Areas, including electric vehicles, must have identification tags issued by the Administrators so that the Managing Agent can quickly determine whom to notify when there are parking violations, and all powered vehicles operated from sunset until sunrise must be equipped with headlights and tail lights which lights must be maintained in working order and activated during such time.