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9.1 Architectural Decoration

Architectural decoration with the work of local artisans displayed in and on the homes, celebrates the spirit of Loreto Bay Style; however, embellishments may not be added to approved schemes without the approval of the Design Review Committee. Tasteful and restrained application is encouraged.

a) Transformative use of everyday materials is encouraged.
b) Embellishment of functional elements is encouraged.
c) Ornate or gaudy decoration on residential exteriors is discouraged and may not be approved.
d) Pipes, conduits or wires may not be draped over exteriors without approved decorative disguise.

9.2 Address Signs and Casa Name Plaques

Street signs may be mounted on the exterior of homes and businesses, as deemed necessary in the discretion of the Administrators of the Master Condominium to appropriately identify streets and to facilitate effective delivery of emergency services. These signs will be supplied and installed by the Master Condominium and will be consistent with others in the neighborhood.

Supply and installation of address numbers (required), door bells (optional), and casa name plaques (optional) are the responsibility of the homeowner, subject to approval by the Design Review Committee. They should be incorporated into the design of the main entry and also at the other entries, if applicable. Material and placement should be considered in conjunction with the entry door and lighting. Address numbers, casa names, and doorbells may be installed as individual elements or combined to create a decorative feature, reducing visual clutter.

Owners must provide a dimensioned, scaled drawing to indicate size, characteristics, and placement of these items at the entry facade when applying for approval.

a)  Address Numbers

  • Address numbers (the actual characters) may be no smaller than 3” (76mm) and no larger than 6” (152mm) in height. Individual numbers, groups of tiles, or a number plaque are acceptable. The font style and color must be easy to read and suited to the Loreto Bay style. The Design Review Committee encourages the use of ornamental artisanal products, and appropriate materials may include wrought iron, ceramic tile, and stone. Materials to avoid include wood, plastic, and polished metallic finishes.
  • Placement of address numbers should be next to the entry door on the side of the exterior lighting. If both sides of a doorway are lit, the right side of the door is preferred.

b)  Casa Name Plaques

  • Casa name plaques require the approval of the Design Review Committee.
  • Casa name plaques must be complementary in style and scale to the address number.
  • The Design Review Committee recommends that placement of address numbers and casa name plaques be coordinated or that the address number and casa name be on one plaque.