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5. Pool Rules

5A. Definitions
Owners. For purposes of these Pool Rules only the term “Owner” includes homeowners, their spouses, partners, and dependents, who are permanent members of the Owner’s household.

Registered Tenants. For purposes of these Pool Rules, Owners may relinquish their right to use the pools in favor of their tenants by assigning those rights to their tenants in a written lease agreement registered with the Managing Agent. Such written lease agreement must identify all persons who will occupy the property as tenants pursuant to the lease agreement. Any other persons who may occupy the property during such tenancy will be treated as Eligible Guests of the tenants for purposes of these Pool Rules. In order for a lease to confer the right to use the pool upon a tenant the lease must be in writing, must require the tenant to comply with all applicable Rules and Regulations of Loreto Bay, including the Pool Rules, and must expressly provide that the right to use the pool is terminable and terminated by the Owner upon non-compliance with such Pool Rules. Owners who relinquish the right to use the pools to their tenants do not also have the right to use the pools during the term of such lease, unless the Owner owns other property and retains such rights in connection with that property.

Eligible Guests. Guests of Owners or Registered Tenants who may be registered to use the pools or other amenities include overnight houseguests, babysitters of Owner’s or Registered Tenant’s children (if old enough to supervise younger children at the pools), house sitters, renters, and other similar persons approved by the Managing Agent at the time of registration.
Day houseguests of Owners or Registered Tenants may not be registered with the managing agent and are not eligible to use the pools or other amenities unless accompanied by the Owner or Registered Tenant at the time of use.

5B. Right to Use Pools
Only Owners or their Registered Tenants, but not both, and their registered
Guests have the right to use the pools. Unregistered Guests of Owners or Registered Tenants, including legitimate day Guests, may use the pools only when actually accompanied by the Owner or Registered Tenant.

Owners and tenants of the commercial units have the same rights and access to the pools as residential Owners and tenants, as well as the same responsibilities.

5C. Lap Pool
Pool users at the lap pool located in Sub-regime H who are not swimming or walking laps must defer to lap swimmers/walkers and must vacate the lanes when they are needed for lap swimmers/walkers.

5D. Limited Numbers; Special Events
No Owner or tenant may have a group of more than ten, including Owners, tenants, and their Guests, at any pool at any time. For any larger group, the Owner or tenant must obtain a special event permit from the Managing Agent.

The Managing Agent may approve and schedule activities at the pools, including exercise and swimming courses as well as other special events. The Managing Agent must publish and post upcoming pool events so that pool users can plan accordingly.

5E. Posting
The following rules must be posted at the pools, in both English and Spanish, and must be followed by all pool users:

  • Individuals who violate these rules will be required to leave the pool area by Area Supervision personnel and must comply immediately.
  • Pool use is restricted to ONLY Owners, Registered Tenants, and their registered or accompanied Guests.
  • Owners, tenants and Guests use the pool at their own risk.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by a responsible person over 16 who must be in the pool with children who are non-swimmers.
  • All persons using the pool must wear suitable swimming attire. Street clothing and street shoes are not allowed in the pool or jacuzzi. Swim diapers must be worn by all toddlers.
  • All swimmers must shower before using the pool.
  • No diving.
  • Dogs or other pets are not permitted in the pool, showers or on the pool deck.
  • Noise must be kept to a level that normal conversation can be enjoyed by all. Personal audio may be enjoyed with headphones only.
  • No glass containers are allowed in the pool or on the pool deck.
  • No wheeled riding toys, bikes or carts are allowed in the pool or on the pool deck.
  • No smoking in the pool, on the pool deck, or in the shower areas.
  • Chairs and loungers are not allowed inside the pool and must not be removed from the pool deck.
  • Chairs and loungers may not be reserved.
  • Pool users must dispose of all rubbish in trash bins.
  • (Lap Pool Only) Lap swimmers/walkers have priority over all others wishing to use the pool. Those not swimming/walking laps must vacate the lanes when the lanes are needed for lap swimmers.

HOURS: 7AM to 10PM.