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How to Make Phone Calls

Mexico’s New Telephone System

The new standardized dialing system in Mexico means that the prefixes 01 for national long distance calls, 044 for calls to mobile phones, and 045 for long distance calls from land lines to mobiles phones has now been phased out. 

It doesn’t matter what type of telephone (mobile or land line), or where it is located (local or long distance), callers only have to dial 10 digits for all phone numbers in the country.

Callers from abroad can also stop using the extra 1 that was required when dialing cell phone numbers. Such calls will only require entering Mexico’s two-digit country code (52) before dialing the area code and phone number.

Foreign cell phones while in Mexico may need to put 01152 before dialing the area code and phone number of a Mexican phone number.

Use 001 prefix before calling US & Canadian phone numbers.

Operator in Mexico  020
Operator in English  040

US 800#’s  800 numbers are not free, but will go through.
800 = 001-880
866 = 001-883
877 = 001-882
888 = 001-881
855 = 001-884

Telmex Numbers

Telephone Bill & Info  (800) 716-8700
Telmex  (800) 123-0000
Internet  (800)123-2222

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