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4. Owner and Guest Registrations

Owner Registration/Guest Registration/Rental Properties
Owners who occupy their property on a full-time basis must register such occupancy with the Managing Agent. When Owners who do not occupy their property on a full-time basis arrive to occupy the property for a period of time, Owners must notify the Managing Agent of their arrival and anticipated date of departure.

Owners must register Guests or Occupants with the Managing Agent, either personally or through their tenants or agent. In addition, Owners must advise the Managing Agent when the unit is being used as a rental property.

Registration of Owners, Guests, or Occupants may be accomplished by email, letter, or by visiting the Managing Agent Office. The registration must include the anticipated dates of occupancy, the number of occupants, and the names of all occupants.

Owners who, either personally or through their tenant or agent, fail to register their Guests or Occupants may be charged a fine for each day that the Guest or Occupant is occupying a property and not registered.

Use of Amenities
Loreto Bay amenities, such as the pools, are available for the enjoyment of Owners, Tenants, and their registered or accompanied Guests or Occupants only. This limitation will ensure that Loreto Bay amenities are not overcrowded and are available for the peaceful enjoyment of those Owners and Tenants who pay for and maintain such amenities. Owners and Tenants are permitted to enjoy such amenities with their Guests or Occupants by accompanying them when they use such amenities, or Owners and Tenants may allow their registered Guests or Occupants to use such amenities unaccompanied during the period of registration. Guests or Occupants that are not registered with the Managing Agent will not be permitted to use amenities such as the pools, unless accompanied by an Owner or Tenant.

Owners and Tenants are not permitted to donate, lend, or assign their rights to use any Loreto Bay amenities, or to otherwise allow or authorize any persons to use any of Loreto Bay amenities, other than as specifically permitted by these Administrators Rules.

Owner Responsibilities
Owners are responsible for ensuring that their Tenants, Guests and Occupants obey all applicable Rules and Regulations, including these Administrators Rules, all posted rules at any facility, and conduct themselves appropriately. Owners are subject to fines or other sanctions if their Tenants, Guests or Occupants violate the Rules and Regulations.