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10.1 Pools and Water Features

Pools and exterior water features require approval from the Design Review Committee.

Besides aesthetic appeal, water features such as pools and fountains are important for cooling a courtyard home during dry hot weather. Evaporation is enhanced by water movement, i.e. waterfalls, water walls, and stone walls with water trickling down. Water features within higher proportioned spaces (two-storied) create a chimney effect and allow for better airflow and cooling.

Garden water features are encouraged to support local bird life. Water must be moving in order to prevent stagnation and avoid mosquito larvae growth. Solar pumps are encouraged.

10.2 View Corridors

Landscape elements that project above the parapet line must be treated with sensitivity so that neighboring views are not obstructed. In the case of vines grown on pergolas, foliage must not hang into the view corridor from adjacent properties. Trees grown in courtyards or gardens must have canopies maintained below the top of the parapet or above the view line from adjacent properties, below 14’ (4.27m) or above 20’ (6.1m)).

10.3 Construction Sites

As neighborhoods in Loreto Bay are completed, it becomes more important that construction sites for new building and remodeling be kept tidy and dust-free. During the construction period, from the time when ground work begins or materials are accumulated, the contractor must be respectful of neighboring homes by keeping the site contained and hazard-free. Streets should be kept free of equipment and other obstructions (i.e. electrical cables and water lines) that can cause hazardous conditions. Trash and excess construction materials must be removed on a weekly basis.

The Owner’s permission must be obtained to use vacant neighboring property for staging or storage, and such property must be kept free of trash, waste material, and excess fill. These properties must be vacated and returned to the accepted standard for a vacant site after substantial completion or at such time as the Design Review Committee specifies. If construction is stalled for more than one month, neighboring property used for staging or storage should be vacated and restored as a vacant site, unless otherwise approved by the Design Review Committee.